What I learned About Changing Your Belief System

Changing Your Belief System For Success is necessary if you want to change your life…PERIOD!

changing your belief system

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Did you know that the reason that a lot of people fail in their business is because of their lack of beliefs?

It’s not only the lack of belief in themselves, but it’s also because they don’t believe in their company, their products, their prospects or their team.

It’s so crazy how your beliefs can impact your life either in a positive way or in a very negative way depending on what you’re thinking.

In today’s post, I’m going to be sharing with you what I learned on how to change your belief system in order to succeed in business, and of course in life.

It’s important that you believe that WHAT YOU DO is going to help you produce the results that you want in your business if you’re taking the right actions.

Changing Your Belief Systems In Business – How Your Beliefs Affect Your Business If You Don’t Change Them

how beliefs can affect your business

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I remember when I was at a point of my life when I didn’t believe in anything that had to with success.

Before I knew anything about mindset, all the worst things imaginable were happening in my life.

I had the belief that success really wasn’t in the cards for me.

As a matter of fact, I didn’t grow up learning anything about success at all.

I was raised like most people in which the belief system was:

Go to school, get good grades, get a job and live a good life”

That statement has become so overrated and it’s just not true.

I was an adult with 3 kids when I saw my mom go back to school.  She got her master’s degree in Business Administration/Finance, and she couldn’t find a job in what she studied.

She finally retired as a Paralegal at the age of 62 making $28,000 a year.

She was sick of commuting day in and day out doing the same monotonous thing, and she simply got burnt out.

I’m not even going to mention what the Social Security Administration now pays her.

It’s crazy that they get to decide how much a person gets paid when they retire when people work 30 to 40 year of their life. They pay into their social security and later get paid crap for beans.

Just to give you an idea my mom’s been working for since the age of 15.

That means she worked for 47 years to make someone else rich, and have the government tell her: “This is what you’re worth”.

Although that seems pretty harsh…


It’s also an event in her life that helped guide my mom in changing her belief system.

She has now decided to go into business with me and together we will inspire others to build their dreams.


Can We Change Our Belief System

can we change our belief system

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The answer is YES…

It takes time and hard work

You need to reprogram your mindset


By reflecting and understanding that your past does not equal your future.

That’s right…

Just because you’ve never been successful in something that doesn’t necessarily mean that you won’t succeed in whatever you want to accomplish in the future.

Shut down the stories that you’re telling yourself.

Turn off the toxic talk that people are telling you.

As a matter of fact… STAY AWAY FROM THEM!  There are people you can spend 5 mins with and people you can spend 5 hours.  You know who they are.

None of the negative talk matters because what truly matters is what YOU believe about yourself!

One of the greatest personal development speakers and authors Jim Rohn said:

“Work harder on yourself than you do on your job”

Working on your mindset is the most crucial thing that you MUST do in order to change your belief system because how you feel about yourself determines your success in life.

How To Change Your Belief System

how to change your belief system

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Here are 4 steps to changing your belief system

  1. Be Patient

This isn’t going to happen overnight.  Take a step back and understand that ANY TYPE of change or transformation in your life can take a while.  Sometimes it can take years!

2.  Set An Outcome

I’ll go over this more in depth in another post, but believe it or not most people don’t set outcomes in their life and don’t really know what they want or why they even want what they want.

I used to be that person.

Take some time to find out what it is that you really want and why you want it.

WRITE IT DOWN and make sure it’s in the present tense.

Read it daily!

As corny as it may seem, this is something that helped me change my belief system completely.  It also helped build my confidence.

I didn’t know how I was going to achieve what I wrote.  I just took action even if I had no clue what I was doing and somehow everything just fell into place.

3. Read & Or Listen To Motivational Audio DAILY

We are living in times where people don’t like reading!  Doesn’t it make sense to read about something if you don’t know how to do it?  I wasn’t the most positive person in the world.  As a matter of fact, I had the “why does this happen to me attitude” but if I wanted real change in my life, I had to READ and do whatever it took necessary to change my mindset.

We’ve all been through something in life, and if you haven’t…


But that’s why it’s called  “been through”  because it’s past tense…

There are tons of books out there that will help you achieve success, greatness or learn to do whatever is it you desire to accomplish.  You can also see a bunch of free motivational videos on Youtube.

Just do it because whether you believe it or not what you believe right now is a product of what you listen to every day.

4.. Track Your Progress

The key to changing your life is reprogramming your mindset.  This is challenging especially if you don’t really believe in this approach or if it’s even possible.

Take it one day at a time and track your progress daily.

If You change your belief, you can change your life.

Motivation:  Nothing Will Change Unless YOU Change!

Change is never easy but it can be done and it’s important that you understand that nothing will change in life unless you change. Here’s a powerful video from one of the greatest motivational speakers of all time just in case you need a little motivation.

Hopefully, this article has helped convince you about changing your belief system for success.  I don’t know who you are but I believe in your ability to achieve what you want in life.  You did it the moment you were born!

All the best!






-Melissa Diaz
Skype: mydiaz27
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