My Lead Gen Secret Review – Lead Generation Scam Or Real Deal

Hey, it’s Melissa here and I want to welcome you to this My Lead Gen Secret Review.

I gotta admit, this program has been getting so much clout online lately, I decided to see what the BIG deal was.

The reason I also decided to take a further look into it is that as an Internet Marketer, I know that TRAFFIC & Lead Generations is the name of the game in order to make real money online.

So, any source of additional traffic that I can generate for my business is worth taking a look at.

The question is, what’s the catch?

Is My Lead Gen Secret A Scam?

Are they giving your real email leads from people who are actually looking to make money online?

Do they even have permission to give you these email lead?

Are the clicks from the emails you send out even real?

Am I going to get sued or blacklisted if I send emails that I purchased?

All these questions popped up in my head before even purchasing this program and to be honest, I had no idea what to expect, but I took a leap of faith and for that reason, I am giving you an HONEST review.

In this post, you will learn EXACTLY what this system is, the pros and the cons and if it’s real or just a scam lead generation tool.

You will also see testimonial results from other members, my personal case study and a bonus training on how to get  better results in this system

I know that if you are here, you are a smart person because you are the type of person to investigate before pulling out your credit card and buying something.

Good for you!

I’m the same exact way..

So…let’s get to it


What Is My Lead Gen Secret – Video Review

If you are in a hurry or simply just the type of person who doesn’t enjoy reading much, here’s a video that I strongly suggest you see. Just like YOU, before I buy ANYTHING, I make sure it’s legit and/or there are big leaders promoting it.

When I saw that Rob Fore (Internet Marketing 7 Figure Earner) said yes to this lead generation tool, I had to see why and once I understood clearly, to me it was a  “no brainer”

I just took out my credit card and bought the thing, which I don’t regret, but of course, I will let you make an informed decision on your own.

Watch this video until the very end…

My Lead Gen Secret Review- What EXACTLY Is It?

It’s a web-based mailer that gives you access to 100 leads a day.

In a nutshell, MLGS (My Lead Gen Secret) was created by Internet Marketer Jim Harmon.

He got together with other Internet Marketing Gurus that he knows and trusts by sharing each other’s most valuable opt-in leads.

This basically means that all the leads that have opted-in are people looking to make money online or business opportunity seekers.

Here is what they claim when you join the system and what you pay when you first join

what you get when you join my lead gen secret

As you may have noticed, I don’t like to beat around the bush.

You will immediately know that it costs $30 to join, plus a $30 set up fee.

They will also charge you $30 every single month and there are no hidden fees.

There is another upsell product inside the system which is the Master Email Swipes for $29.95 and if you don’t feel like buying it, you don’t really have to, but if you decide to join and buy it later it’s going to cost you $59.95.

Now, going back to what My Lead Gen Secret is…

The system itself has lead partners who share their email leads with all of MLGS members so that each person in the system gets 100 fresh leads on a daily basis.  The partners are actually Internet Marketing rockstars with a huge email list.

If you’re wondering what type of emails you’ll be sending and how you will be sending them, the system has a done for you built-in web-based mailer, and it also comes with email swipes.

I am not lying when I say that you can actually log in FROM YOUR PHONE, go find an email swipe that you like, import them, and click send.

That’s it!

It seems similar to a solo ads type of thing.

One thing you need to know is that although these are permission-based opt-in email leads, they are still cold leads and they need to warm up to you.

I will give you tips on how to do that so please keep reading…

Believe me, this is more than your ordinary review…

Does My Lead Gen Secret Actually Work?

As far as the system working…

it works perfectly

But the question is…

Does it work for you to make money online?

So here is my personal case study…

Before I continue, I want to let you know that you can earn money as an affiliate inside the My Lead Gen Secret system and it does have a compensation plan.

I will get into that a little further on…

To be honest, I really couldn’t believe this at first…

So I referred one person, and not only did I get the 200 leads every day for life, I got paid for referring that member.

Mind you…

I didn’t speak to anyone personally because I wanted to see if by sending emails using their mailing system “as they claim”…

That it actually worked…

And it did!

That answers the question as to ” if the leads are real and if the clicks are real”.

Yes, they certainly are.

In my own personal case study, I discovered that if a member inside the system personally refers just 1 person, they get 200 leads per day for life.

They tell you that but I wanted to see that for myself before sharing any type of information about this product.

All I did was take 2 minutes out of my day, log in, and send an email.

For the time being, that’s all I did because again, I wanted to see if it worked.

As soon as I joined, the system automatically provided me with 100 email leads every day.

After sending emails every single day and in my second week, I got my first sale and I am now at 200 leads

Here are some screenshots from my results in my back office so that you can have an idea of what I am talking about

my lead gen system bonus leads

my lead gen system leads

my lead gn secret reveiw

So, instead of getting 100 leads a day I now have 200 leads a day which I found pretty cool, plus I made $5 from the new member’s purchase

Again, I never spoke to the person that I had personally signed up.

I sent out the pre-written email from the swipes inside the system and actually got paid (even though it was $5) from sending that email

It blew my mind…

my lead gen secret proof

I know what you’re thinking…

“Are you kidding me?”

“You got only paid 5 measly bucks?”

Hold your horses there…

I also got 200 lead a day and that equals to 73,000 leads a year.

I can promote any product that I want using this mailer.

These numbers will definitely add up…

You wanted to know it My Lead Gen Secret works and I just provided proof that it does…

Here is my video proof just in case

How Do You Make Money With My Lead Gen Secret?

There are various ways that you can go about this.

In this section, I will explain the compensation plan using a video, just to make it a little easier It simply details how to can earn money as an affiliate with this program.

Watch the video below for more details…

==> Click here to get started

So basically if you refer just  one person you get 200 leads a day for life

And I repeat…

That’s 73,000 email leads a year!

Can you imagine building a list that big without having to go through all the effort that most struggling internet marketers go through?

Another thing that I like was the Weekly Superstar Bonus…

If you refer just 5 people in a weeks’ time you get $100.

There is no limit to the number of people you can refer to this system, and I believe that anybody with any type of income opportunity needs this product.

Whether people want to accept this fact or not…

Whatever you are promoting, traffic is king and leads are just necessary to have if you want to generate a profit online.

This comp plan goes 5 levels deep.

It pays you $5 in your first level and $4,$3, $2 and $1 from the sales of your referrals.

This is a recurring monthly income. You get paid every Friday by check or PayPal.

To be honest, I just started and for now, I have only generated one sale inside the system,

I know that I will make a lot more because it’s just the law of averages. It’s a number’s game and I am also a very hard worker.

Luckily, I joined under a person who gave me a lot of bonuses so now anyone who joins under me can get the free bonuses and training too.

My Lead Gen Secret – A Look Inside

As I said before, I am new to this program, but for now, it’s looking pretty good.

What I can say is that don’t expect to get results OVERNIGHT.

There is NO such thing as a GET-RICH-QUICK-SCHEME unless of course, you got the winning numbers of the Powerball, or unless you inherited some money from a rich family member.

There are some members that generate immediate sales once they join, but I am pretty sure that it’s because they already had an email list before joining My Lead Gen Secret.

Once you join there are automatically 100 leads for you.

In order to make money online, you need MASSIVE traffic and lots of leads.  You will certainly need more than 100 leads.

At least with this system, you get them daily and believe me, they add up quick.

Just think of everything you have to go through to generate one email lead.


All you need to do is go to the “affiliate section’, scroll down, import the email list and it will take you to the “mailing section”

Select your leads either by date or by lead partner, and it will automatically fill in the subject line and the body of the text.

After that, you click preview to make sure all your links are correct and simply send.

It literally takes only two minutes.  After that, you can’t send out another email until the next day or 24 hours.

Here is what the back office looks like:

my lead gen secret results

This is what your leads look like:

my lead gen secret emails

I scratched out people’s last names and emails to respect their privacy.

As you can see, the leads that you get will provide the following:

  • Opt-in date
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Email Address
  • IP Address
  • City
  • State
  • Postal Code
  • County
  • Lead Partner that shared from their list

My Lead Gen Secret Review – What I Liked

My favorite part is the COMMUNITY..period.

Once I joined, my sponsor contacted me and let me in the “My Lead Secret Success” Facebook Group.

My first impression of the group was just: “WOW”

The members of the group are having so many results, and they actually share how they get their results.

They answer all of your questions, and there are also training units that also provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to succeed in this program.

I am talking about over the shoulder video tutorials…

They even give you HUNDREDS of email swipes and daily tips.

There is also a way to get even more leads inside the group, and you will learn how to convert leads into sales.

The MLGS alone does have technical support, but I was really impressed with the community and their willingness to help.

MLGS – What I didn’t like


Here it goes…

What is a My Lead Gen Secret review without the Cons right?

I honestly couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t keep this review real

I like the fact that you get a replicated affiliate link in order to send people.

What I don’t like is once the person clicks to join or for more information, it will prompt them to enter an email address, and it won’t go to your autoresponder but it will go to Jim Harmon’s Autoresponder.

All the members are getting traffic to build his list and not our own.

Maybe, I am being a bit greedy but I would rather build my own list instead of someone else’s, but on a positive note…

It really doesn’t matter because that can simply get solved by creating your own funnel and getting your own autoresponder.

Another thing that I didn’t like is that you can’t upload any of these email leads to Aweber or Getresponse or any autoresponder whatsoever.

If you do, you can get banned…

On the positive side, you can download all your leads on a CSV format and use a bulkmailer like “Mailwhizz” and send mass emails

So, at least you get to keep the list of emails that you purchased.

That’s basically it…

Just some minor little tech issues, but nothing that can’t be solved.

My Lead Gen Secret Testimonials

Before watching any of these videos, please understand that all results are NOT typical.  In order to achieve any earnings, you must follow instructions and apply yourself.

$4,398 in Commissions! Day 18 Results

150k Leads

$5k with My Lead Gen Secret

how to join my lead gen secret

My Lead Gen Secret Training – How To Get Faster Results With This System

I added this little bonus section right here because it is simply just my passion to learn stuff, apply it and teach it.
Here’s a bonus training video that I did to help affiliates get quicker results.  If you can take some time to watch this tutorial, I would appreciate it.
It will help you understand this system a bit more and why generating traffic and leads is crucial to make money online

As I said in the video, these email leads really don’t know you so you really need to make it an effort for them to get to know you.

That’s really not that hard…

Just provide tons of value and do your best to build a relationship with them.

Bottom Line

Is My Lead Gen Secret the real deal or is it some lead generation scam?

Is it even worth your time?

The answer to the first question is no.

My Lead Gen Secret is definitely not a scam.

You are paying for real leads who actually click on your links, and may convert into sales depending on the type of content you send your list.

The least cost $1 a day so it’s dirt cheap.

As I mentioned earlier, these leads come from 10 different co-registration advertising partners and spread out to its members providing them with 100 leads per day.

Not only are they available for immediate download, but they are also permission-based leads.

A word of advice…

If you decide to join this program, download your leads.


To answer the second question…

“Is it worth your time?”

That really depends on you.

Are you willing to work the leads that will be provided to you on a daily basis?

Will you be consistently following up with those leads?

Are you the type of person to take a powerful tool like this seriously?

If you think about it, most internet marketers who are struggling to make money online, it’s mostly because of the lack of leads.

Most people aren’t internet marketing guru’s and don’t really know how to generate targeted traffic, build a list or convert sales.

The fundamental things YOU NEED TO DO in order to make money online are:

  • Finding a hot trendy product to sell
  • Look for people to buy the product you are selling
  • Telling those people that YOU are the one selling the product

How hard can it be…right?

Well, if it were that easy, then why are most people failing?

Here’s the thing, the 3 fundamental things that I mentioned are all solved inside the My lead gen secret system.

Since MLGS is an email marketing tool, you can promote any business inside the system using its platform.

Many people are getting results selling other programs inside the system.

The KEY to getting results according to MLGS member is to send an email every day, provide more VALUE in your emails than a sales pitch, and don’t give up.

The awesome thing about this program is that the hard part is already done for you, which is generating a lead.  It takes time to get 5 leads a day let alone 100.

Think of it this way…

Most Internet Marketers FAIL to make money because of not getting enough traffic or not have enough leads.

Just imagine GETTING PAID to get 100-200 biz opp leads daily

Leads that CONVERT

Let that sink in…

This is all I got for now

If you enjoyed this My lead gen secret review or if you would like to share your experience, or have any questions, shoot me a comment and let’s start a discussion.

‘Stay Blessed,

Melissa Diaz




Whatsapp: 1-787-421-3372

P.S.  Click here if you are interested in getting started.  Once you are in, Friend me and message me on Facebook so that I can give you access to the Bonuses

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